How to Crochet Fresh Market Crochet Bag Easy Beginner Handmade Eco Friendly Gift

In this video learn how to crochet the Fresh Market Crochet Bag. It is an easy beginner project and makes a great last minute handmade gift. Perfect gift for your eco friendly, friends, too!
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25 thoughts on “How to Crochet Fresh Market Crochet Bag Easy Beginner Handmade Eco Friendly Gift”

  1. absolutely gorgeous, but seriously not beginner friendly. I am a beginner and I learn better by watching and following. You simply went to fast for a beginner like me. it wouldn't do me much good to download the pattern because I have a hard time understanding them. but I love this purse and maybe one day I'll be able to do it.

  2. ❣Hei, Kristin, I love the bags and will use them instead of wrapping paper for presents, so I can maybe inspire to avoid plastic bags. Very well described and showed! And of course the first one will be for me! Thank you for sharing, love, Monika❣

  3. This bag and video are outstanding.

    How important is it that I use the same weight yarn and hook size? Would it work in worsted and just be bigger? Or would that not work at all?

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