How handmade tiles are made

How handmade tiles are made

As part of our Made in Britain series, see how tiles are handmade at this Surrey-based tilemakers. Richard Miller, owner at Froyle Tiles, talks us through how his company creates beautiful handmade tiles for homes using traditional techniques

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  1. Sir I was down in South Florida 15 years ago laying tile, Assistant manager at Coldwell Bankers, ask me retile her bathroom and bedroom, I went in there with my palm recorder, which I use on every job I've ever done, and I came across the most incredible gorgeous tile! I've ever seen in my life, Each tile had a Emerald green star with a Mediterranean blue background. The (stars)were 3" from point to point, I asked her how old was this house? she said it was built in 1878, But through the years and renovation,on it she couldn't tell exactly about everything else. Each tile,was approximately 4 7/8 to 5 in, width and length, at closer, examination I could tell that they were handmade tiles, Several of them, you can still see the brush marks in the glaze, I asked a lot of the other contractors, and they were telling me that Portugal and Spain, produced a lot of tiles for South Florida, can you give me any information, from your years of experience? I told her not to have her bathroom and bedroom retiled, it would only increase the value of her home. thank you, any information would be helpful.

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