How Hand-Built Custom Skis Are Made

How Hand-Built Custom Skis Are Made

At Wagner Custom Skis in Telluride, Co., the size, skill, and ambition of a skier are taken into account while handcrafting a one-of-a-kind pair. But it’s on the mountain where Wagner style really shows.

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24 thoughts on “How Hand-Built Custom Skis Are Made

  1. "cnc can't completely cut through the core"…bunk….people should take the time to explain why instead of just saying something which is a total nonsense.

  2. This whole process is REALLY similar to making a snowboard, im surprised there aren't more companies that make both.

  3. I've spent several thousand dollars in skis alone in the last 4 years. I will not spend another penny on skis until I have enough for a custom set from this company

  4. I did my work experience with as ski builder (Lonely Mountain skies) In Scotland.

    Edit: about £800 per set.

  5. These machines are virtually no different than any other machines used by modern manufacturers.

  6. That ski tech (tester) his technique was awful lol, when it came to the technicalities of skiing he failed at almost every level

  7. He says that there is not really a company making machines to produce skis. That is not true – there is one not far from me in Carinthia (Austria) and I know of multiple companies making various machines specifically for the production of skis, snowboards etc. here in Europe. These machines are expensive tho.

    Also, 2k does not seem reasonable to me as a really nice pair of Atomic/Fischer/Rosisgnol skis is overkill for most people at 1/4 of the price, even for professional riders. I guess the skis tehy are producing are not about that, which is fine to me, I like the way they are customizable.

  8. who the fuck did they pay to ski for this video and why is he bent over that much at the most random times

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