Handmade Wonton Wrappers

Handmade Wonton Wrappers

How to make Chinese wonton wrappers from scratch. Here are what you need:
all purpose flour 400g / 2.5 cups + 1 tablespoon
salt 2g / 1/4 teaspoon
water 210g / 1/2 cup+1/3 cup

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21 thoughts on “Handmade Wonton Wrappers

  1. You make this look so easy😦 if I was to try this may God help me😢 thanks for the video great job👍👌

  2. Great and easy recipe! I was wondering, where did you buy your rolling pin? I've been looking for one like that everywhere and can't even find it online :/

  3. Why it looks so easy 😭😭😭😭
    I did how many times but ended in a trash 😭😭😭 can i borrow your hands please

  4. Hello, Thank you for sharing all your amazing recipe and tutorial. I`m from the UK, may I know the starch you mentioned in the video is the same as cornflour in the UK? Thank you in advance. 🙂

  5. Miss Gao, you're so good in flour products, are you from the North China that they eat flour more than rice . Thanks for sharing to use Starch powder instead of flour, this is the secret that many chef will not tell is !

  6. Wow. This is amazing. I never thought to make my own. I buy them
    All the time. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your videos. Subscribe✔️

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