Handmade Tiles: Watch Keymer's handmade tile process

Handmade Tiles: Watch Keymer's handmade tile process

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Today, Keymer employs 75 people. The company still uses Wealden clay native to the area and many of the traditional craft skills handmade tiles which have been passed down from maker to maker through the generations.

Demand and production for Keymer’s handmade clay roof tiles has shown a steady increase in recent years. handmade tiles Now dispatched throughout the British Isles and used on roofs from cottages to castles, supermarkets to town centres; we also export to the Continent, America and lately even Russia and Japan.

Handmade Tiles

As a company, we continue to invest in up-to-date techniques to further strengthen our commitment to fuel efficiency and a safe working environment – and, at the same time, to manufacturing the finest genuine hand made clay roofing products.

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