Handmade Softail

Handmade Softail

World Biker Build Off champ, Joe Martin, gets back to his roots when the team builds a custom Softail from the ground up.

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34 thoughts on “Handmade Softail

  1. Can’t explain the feeling you get. Motorcycles are a gift to the soul. Awesome build looks good under you

  2. He's wrong about his definitions..
    Bobber came first. Stripped down and bob-tail rear fender. Reduced weight to go quicker. Often looked like a rat-rod style bike. Cool and original.
    Choppers came in to play later. They were generally more fancy with lots of chrome, bright paint often with flakes, and the defining difference was that the neck was chopped to extend the rake of the bike. That was a chopper.
    I certainly prefer a bobber look

  3. No gang, a BOBBER got "bobbed" — had all the excess weight and parts removed. On a CHOPPER, something got CHOPPED, generally the neck, to rake it out to run a longer front end.

  4. This guys make a nice bike I would love to have a bike that was made by this guy. I don’t get what is all the negative from some of the responders, do what you want say what you like and stop criticizing people that are actually doing a nice job damn.

  5. Wouldn't it be easier to rechannel a sporty tank, relocate the gas cap and petcock than to build a sporty tank

  6. Cool bike, I wouldn't have the pipes, did that one years ago, not good in metro where you have lots of traffic lights, will burn your leg good, even with jeans on.

  7. Even though Big Red is a bad little bike, it still has the Martin super slick, pre-manufactured feel to it. Nothing looks like it is one off, or hand hammered. The hot blond liked it tho, so what do I know?

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