Handmade silver spring ring claps

Handmade silver spring ring claps

Silver Spring Ring Clasp
handmadeTo bend the empty tube round, I used the technique learned from a colleague’s blog http://userblogs.ganoksin.com/davidcruickshank/2010/01/26/coiling-tube-useing-the-draw-bench/ , it’s fast and free of the acid passages I used in the past.

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24 thoughts on “Handmade silver spring ring claps

  1. I notice you often do not saw all the way through, choosing instead to flex-part the piece. Why is that?

  2. Good video . I suggest you to use a wire instead of a plate for the spring stopping , it will be more simple ( just make a small hole and insert the wire and solder it ) . This way the accumulation of various residues ( the small plate will act like a cork allowing fat , oils of perfumes or other substances to accumulate inside the tube altering the spring moving ) can be avoided and the tube can be easily cleaned by boiling or ultrasonic. When making items with moving parts , must think safety to all the problems may occur in time . There are also a few other ways of making spring rings even with different profiles or shapes . It's a pleasure to watch your videos , congratulations .

  3. Parabéns pelo vídeo, eu preciso fazer um igual mais em ouro 14klt agora vou tentar fazer igual o seu processo muito obrigado.

  4. So lang Wiss.Uni erreichen haben, dann fangen Sie beii Details…………
    Wie Unterwäsche mit Gerucht & Feuchtigkeit haben.
    Biomolecular……… Krebs Forschungen……….
    Geben Sie als Fräuen Autos, Dumm Blonde Witzigen….
    Verrückten Wiss.Uni ……..kennen Sie Nähen ?
    Für jede Pullover Kinder kennen ich kleine Kinder war……

  5. Die Wissenschaften Fressigen auf Trends & Hacken Trends………….
    Kennen Sie Überhaupt Plastiig & Nylon ……?
    Polimer oder Sprengstoff ……….?

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