Handmade Shoes for Men,  How to Make Goodyear Welted Shoes by Paul Parkman

Handmade Shoes for Men, How to Make Goodyear Welted Shoes by Paul Parkman

See how goodyear welted shoes made by Paul Parkman.
👉🏼 Website : http://paulparkman.com

Paul Parkman’s oxford shoes are based on traditional wingtips. They set on Goodyear-Welted double leather soles that are built to last. Made from the finest Italian crust leather for patina hand painting. The calfskin upper is meticulously perforated with classic brogue detailing, lending them dapper flair. It’s cut from the finest and most supple part of the hide. Crafted in a small shoemaking workshop, they’re decorated with traditional broguing and rest on soles.

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45 thoughts on “Handmade Shoes for Men, How to Make Goodyear Welted Shoes by Paul Parkman

  1. The shoes look awesome. The leathers are high quality. But what about cruelty free? The only thing seem to be missing from the skin collection here is "international standard" quality human skin.

  2. The price isn't that bad honestly when you look on the site. I've heard of people paying the same for some plastic sneakers in a lurid color.

  3. لديه من جلود الحيوانات ما يملىء غابة متوسطة.. هاؤلاء هم من يشجعون إبادة الحيوانات لإرضاء ترف و بذخ الأغنياء

  4. Italian shoes are the best in the world:

  5. Everyone talking about how they could never afford a pair of shoes like this all while using thier $800+ iPhones and androids….its just a matter of priorities…

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  7. Hi how u doing
    Well done would u please can u give me an idea about shoes price ( average) or at least how much this shoes thanks🌷

  8. Wielki szacunek — 🙂 dla takiego ogromnego zaangażowania w podejście i zamiłowanie do wykonywania swojej pracy , wykonując ją jak sztukę teatralną . Piękne wykonanie . Chciałabym mieć tak wypieszczone buty :-))

  9. هاذي تصلح لصلعه لشاكر نوران العصيمي وعبدالله بن نوران العصيمي سارق حذاي السحريه قيمت معرض لكوزه عشان يداوي بها صليعته الخلفيه حررررامي كبير عبدالله بن نوران العصيمي نقصت عليه فلوس وخطط علا حذاءي السحريه مجررررم معترف متمكن

  10. My grandmother told the story of a serial killer in Texas. He had a small ranch and he used to go to town to pick up drunks on the QT for labor on the ranch He was nabbed, the house was full of furniture made of human skin. He would sell the furniture and lamp shades in town. nobody knew for yrs. this was over 150 yrs ago.

  11. It's truely a pleasure to watch a artisan at ones craft…whatever it may be in life. Makes one appreciate the finer things in life even though we all may not be able to afford such luxury. My compliments indeed!.

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