Handmade Rivets

Handmade Rivets

Making some handmade rivets and a rivet set. I needed a few 5/16″ but only had bigger or smaller, no point buying a thousand so thought I could make a few. Didn’t go quite to plan but gives you an idea of how to do it. A bit of practice and it could get you out of trouble!

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Gary Huston

26 thoughts on “Handmade Rivets

  1. Good ideas!  Did I hear you correctly that you run small drills at a lower speed and larger drills at a faster speed?  Actually, it is the other way around.

  2. oi gary! i drilled a hole in a computer mouse ball bearing (after scraping off the rubber off course) and tied it round the anvil with a iron wire.

  3. hello gary! the operation went well i hope?
    I have a question: is it necessary to heat-treat the puncher after forming it on the bullet?

  4. Probably you should have drilled some little hole into the puncher before shaping by the bearing ball so the final hole would not be off center.

  5. Sad that most results for "rivet setting" take me to pop rivets and other nonsense. This is the first actual rivet setting video I've found. Seems like it worked out just fine. I'll be adding these tools to my shop ASAP.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I would use a drill bit to make the hole for the rivet head, just form the drill bit on a grinder the size you need then sharpen the cutting edges….Mike

  7. Hi people good vid Gary, to answer the point somebody raised about med to high tensile rivetts use the appropriate grade and size bolt, round the head {grinder or linisher] and proceed exactly as per the vid. DO NOT QUENCH LEAVE ON THE SIDE OF THE FIRE TO COOL SLOWLY you can heat treat it later if you need

  8. Hey thanks for the video i know it wasn't intinded but you show how to make two things try doing that more thanks

  9. Wouldn't work, the case hardening would be removed by the hot steel you are trying to hit it into before you could make a dent… Besides, a rivet is such low grade steel you probably couldn't harden it…

  10. Hey Gary! How about case hardening the head of a rivet of the size you want and put it in the rivet tool to make your doming tool? Wouldn't have to chase that hot ball bearing around ideally. Worth a try?!

  11. Hi, it's soluble oil, looks like oil but when mixed with water goes white. It lubricates and cools. Most machine shops use it.

  12. Small copper rivets you should be able to make cold if you soften the copper first. (heat to cherry red then quench).

  13. Probably. I have no knowledge of working brass and copper so don't know how hot you need to go.
    You would probably be best to put the material into the jig cold and just heat the tip with a gas torch so you can be more accurate with temperature.

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