Handmade Portraits: Maryink

Handmade Portraits: Maryink

http://www.etsy.com/storque/article/2295/ See the article on Etsy’s blog: The Storque, for more information.

Mary Helt and Chris Sittel of maryink met at a party in Nashville when they were home visiting their families. At the time Mary was living in NYC working as a photographer’s stylist and Chris was living in Florida working at a silk screen studio. After a few years of tee shirt parties and projects the two packed up and moved back to Nashville to start their original silk-screen design clothing company maryink.
Etsian Tara Young aka weirdwolf met with Chris and Mary in their East Nashville studio to learn more about their designs and craft. Check out the rest of Etsy’s Handmade Portraits series at Etsy.com

Check out the Handmade Portrait video playlist:

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5 thoughts on “Handmade Portraits: Maryink

  1. I bought one of their shirts last summer, and it's amazing! It's really cool to see the people behind such an cool shop 🙂

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