Handmade Portraits: Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

Handmade Portraits: Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

In a crowded Philadelphia garage, Adam Cramer revives vintage motorcycles and the American tradition of grease-stained self-reliance.

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30 thoughts on “Handmade Portraits: Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

  1.  I agree whit this guy 100%. As I get older (56), I find I enjoy working on my bikes more then riding them. Don't get me wrong, I like riding them but while riding if a hear a strange engine noise, I start planing a tear down and get excited. Guess I'm strange.

     And by the way, his shop makes my pants tight.

  2. I can do things this year that I couldn't last year. What we are lacking is the people to pass this information on. To use a popular quote from Star Wars; "Two there must be, one to possess there power and another to crave it"

  3. I feel this way about the world too, and it makes me sad that there will be no 'Bikers' in a generations time….certainly none that don't see their bike as an appliance..!

  4. America can still make the best products in the world but we have sold ourselves out in a race to the bottom. think about that the next time you buy Chinese crap from Walmart.

  5. That norton brought tears to my eyes. I had a /71 750 high rider I toured around my highschool years in…loud as hell and high compression bugger to kick start. I too am a dying breed, manual machinist, creator of cool metal things…shit kids would never be interested in now if they had to scrape a bit of grease off their hands for the pursuit of it.

  6. I think people like you should take an apprentice like we use to do decades (centuries ?) ago to learn a profession…like master and apprentice….any people with skills like you should teach what they know…I'm sure dozens of people would be interested in it.

  7. there will always be people who care and people who don't care. there are so many young people out there today who have artistic ambitions and work hard for them, it's sad that he can only see the ones who don't…

  8. If I would live near this guy and I would get to know him, I would go to his shop and ask him if I could help. Just for fun or money I don't care, I would apply.

  9. I have never bought a car or motorcycle that ran. I keep buying motorcycles, fixing them, selling them, and then go out with that money and buy another and do it all over again. I do not seem to fit in with my age group or younger. Nobody seems to be interested. I love bringing old stuff back to life but just one at a time as a hobby. Currently working on a '79 KZ650 engine was locked up and now it is almost back together to live again.

  10. Great video, I could almost smell the old bikes and grease. I think there are people with the same passion growing up these days, you just have to know where to look.

  11. I love what he does and what he stands for, but put on some eye protection… I'd hate to see him lose his dream life because he can't see.. It would be a crime, and safety glasses are a buck.
    A dream job or life he's leading is worth a buck..

  12. Agree with this guy so much. I just recently rebuilt my own VW at home, spending thousands of dollars. Most people i know thought i was insane, stupid, but all agreed it was cool and that they could never do it.

    but the end point was…..i built it myself…..when i drive it, i have the occasional feeling that 'im driving in this….and i rebuilt it….with my own hands and knowledge….f*ck ya'

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