Handmade Portraits: Elizaveta

Handmade Portraits: Elizaveta

See the Article on Etsy’s blog, The Storque, for more information:

Canadian artist Elizaveta makes giant, playful, handmade necklaces using an odd assortment of items. From My Little Pony to hair rollers to Bubblicious bubble gum, her outrageous designs take people by surprise. Combining influences of haute couture designers like Alexander McQueen and Comme Des Garcons and rapper Flava Flav, Elizaveta makes one of a kind jewelry like no other.
Etsian Tara Young aka weirdwolf met with Elizaveta at her home in Toronto, Canada to talk about fashion couture, My Little Pony and giant, playful jewelry.

Check out her wonderful Etsy shop:

Handmade Portrait video playlist:

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