Handmade Mini Dragonflies – Jennings644

Handmade Mini Dragonflies – Jennings644

I love these little Dragonflies 🙂

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45 thoughts on “Handmade Mini Dragonflies – Jennings644

  1. Thanks for showing your dragonflies, I love them. I will try the techniques you did for them but has to be on a butterfly because I have a butterfly. I don't have the dragonfly punch. 💛💚💙💜

  2. Hi there, Fi! It's been a long time since I've visited your channel, but I always find something wonderful to watch. Your dragonflies are fab! I have the same punch, and will defo try this out! I hope your new crafts room is giving you a lot of joy. God bless! ~Janet in Canada <3

  3. I realize that you made this video a while ago, but I can't find a tutorial on it. Did you ever make one? If you didn't can you make one? i would love to know how you did them, they are great!
    TFS!  xxx  Linda  ;0)

  4. I like these! I'm going to make few for the front cover of an album I'm making for my cute niece 🙂

  5. There made from thick card stock and once varnished or covered with modpodge they will stay like this for years 🙂 xx

  6. These little Butterflies are sooooo cute ( but dang , havent learned a thing on how to do them or any thing maybe her next video will be so much better …

  7. They are so cute!! I love the way you made these. P.S. I love your other videos as well, thank you for your lovely tutorials : ) Flower

  8. Love love love watching your videos-47bettie is right-you are a good teacher an very crafty! Awesome =0)

  9. They are great! By the way you are a very good teacher! love watching you as you have great idea's take care God Bless x

  10. They really are cute and easy and yes, colour them with what ever you have, I've also used food colouring before today lol lol. Have fun xx

  11. L O V E them!!!! They are super cute! Dragonflys are my favorites, so thanks so much for showing us these darling critters, I got to try it out if I can!!! Clear embossing powder and beads and stickles did you say? Great!

  12. I used a punch on these little dragonflies 🙂 Then just painted them up and added glitter to some 🙂 xx

  13. I will show them again soon, no time today, but if I haven't done the vid within a week, please remind as I forget lol lol xx

  14. I love these clolorful dragonflies. I finally found a couple of punches and will be making these cute little things. Thanks for sharing.

  15. you need to use the macro setting and a tripod or something and you'll get a good picture, if you put what you're working on an easel it will also help. Thanks for the video, I am excited to make these myself.

  16. @TheDAWNSNIGHT There is a tut on making them, will try and find it when I return home as I'm in Norway right night having a break 🙂 x

  17. @barnsleylass3 Yes I am though I was born in Peterborough, Cambs, lived most my life in Yorkshire lol xx

  18. @fasloan SLEEP, sleep I hear you say, only wish I could hee hee. Once awake, I waste no time, time is too short and precious and I have so much I need to get done, so sleep can wait until I have to sleep lol lol

  19. @stephanoid69 Stephanie, your parcel is ready to go my friend, will be sending it in the next batch ok?

  20. @tachar Glad you like them, they look fab on projects, its the little things that can make something look great, but its better when folk miss them first time round then say OH look at those arn't they dainty hee hee 🙂

  21. @barbrex1472 Yes I remember and I have them in an envelope ready for you, won't be posting any more parcels out until the 16th though as I have alot on at the moment ok? Of course it still gives me more time to keep adding to YOUR parcel 🙂

  22. @manjar50 LOL Oh well, I don't mince my words and always say it as it is, doesn't always go down well though hee hee……………………I don't care 🙂 Hubby says its one of things he likes about me!!! I say what I feel and think and pull no punches, hence why folk know where they stand with me 🙂 lol

  23. The dragonfly's are gorgeous, You are so natural that I love watching your videos and I love the fact you say it as it is

  24. Those are very beautiful Fiona!!! I love it all! I adore dragonflies tyfs! I have placed this vid on my faves! thanks again!

  25. super cute dragonflies 🙂 love how bright and cheery they are. Thanks for sharing all your awesome crafting creations. 🙂

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