Handmade Mens Shoes – How Its Made

Handmade Mens Shoes – How Its Made

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How Handmade Mens Shoes are Made from the show How its Made
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25 thoughts on “Handmade Mens Shoes – How Its Made

  1. It's not "handmade" it's
    "HOLDMADE" because they have to hold it together so the machinery can do it's job.
    .its considered "handjob"

  2. In Egypt, we had shoe makers who really made "hand-made" shoes at their tiny workshops, absolutely no machines included. Making a pair would take them days, and man they were real fine shoes. I really enjoyed watching them when I was a child.

  3. One can see why handmade leather shoes are expensive. The ultimate in luxury would be custom made leather boots in tan and black. Apparently they cost thousands of dollars a pair. I can see why.

  4. Is the name really fitting because if they do have a sewingmachine and other electric things isn't it technically handmade

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