Handmade Leather Knife Sheath, the bog oak knife project

Handmade Leather Knife Sheath, the bog oak knife project

In this video I am making a leather sheath for the bog oak handled knife I built in a previous video, see link below

For great tips on leatherwork see Ian Atkinson’s channel

Please check out Jacklore knives youtube channel for some great knife making and a brilliant 2 part series on how to make this style of sheath.

For some great scandinavian style knives and sheaths, please check out Osmo’s channel, Thetopicala

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49 thoughts on “Handmade Leather Knife Sheath, the bog oak knife project

  1. Отличные ножны. Не знал что форму можно предавать ножнам в самом конце. Бриллиантовый узел как то пытался сделать на паракорде, сложновато). 👍

  2. Great video, but I missed a couple things. Why does only one side get the stitch groove? And how did you transfer the stitch holes through the other two layers (the welt and the other side of the sheath)?

  3. After watching many other knife making videos, I discovered yours. Thank you for such a thorough tutorial!!!

  4. Holy cow,lol,I am far late past your 5,000 subs.l have a tough one coming up,was looking for idea's.I am in strange circumstances for my EDC so figured I would see what other's are doing.With a ton of hardware in spine,belt bothers me so I set inside jeans loop horizontal tote and add grommet to lash to jeans loop while sheath itself is inside.Works great only now a larger utility kukri with curved handle I am doing, but fretting balance.Have not touched my hyde yet,figured I would look around.I like how you made the drain and thought of moisture on your blade."Tiptop" Method.I am set up just not organized.Really it is so nice to be organized neat and you have your stuff together.Wonderful project,Cheers from USA..

  5. Simply awesome! The thing I like most is that you show how to make an outstanding knife sheet without fancy tools. Well done.

  6. You sound like a Suffolk guy inspired by jacklore just like me. This is great video and very informative. I love that little knife you made too.

  7. Magnificent, Jim. I'm not at all surprised, having seen your work in the flesh. See my PM vis your gmail account. J

  8. Looks great! I like the knife, handle and the sheathe! I’ve been trying to perfect my skills on both as well, even making my own leather. One thing I learned that might help clean up your loose ends when seeing is to run the tips of you threads between the leather instead of all the way through on your last stitch. Just a suggestion! Keep going

  9. Oh, and that knife you use to cut the leather near the opening of the video is a work of art. It's really lovely.

  10. I enjoyed your video. I like your crafting.

    You used the leather punches on the one side but not the other through the welt. Mind my asking how you aligned the holes?

  11. Парень я прошу у тебя прощения за то что пишу на русском ,я очень уважаю мастеров штучников но,почему,почему такой короткий клинок?

  12. I always wondered why no one did a knot when stitching like you.. thanks for showing how to set the needle and thread too..

  13. "I don't know what a Neat is but it's feet stink." 😂 Thanks for the video. I've started my first sheath and I wanted to make sure I got the Order of Operations™️ right. I like your stitching technique. I've never seen the "running knot" bit before. It's brilliant.

  14. Nice job man. On the sheath and the knife. And lanyard.
    I can tell you're proud of it at the end there. Love it, and you should be. 🙂

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