Handmade Kids Renaissance Festival Pirate Costume

Handmade Kids Renaissance Festival Pirate Costume

Jaimie and Jay make an awesome pirate/ren faire costume for Cullen!

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Learn how easily you can make a great halloween baby pirate costume with some simple materials. This costs almost nothing to make and is super fun!

We both love going to the Renaissance Faire and we always dress up in full costume to get the most out of the experience! This year was Cullen’s first time and we made sure he was going in style by making his very first baby pirate costume to match Jay’s. The puffy pirate shirt is made from muslin (one of his old swaddles…) and the pirate vest is just some basic brown fabric. We used a piece of grey/silver fabric for the pirate sash and that was it! Very easy, simple and cheap materials,and so much fun to make.

This baby costume is less about stripes, parrots, and eye patches, and more of a ren faire style outfit and we did it this way to match Jay’s costume that he wears to the faires. They ended up matching perfectly and Cullen even got features on the first page of a local newspaper.

We’re new to making videos so we’d love to hear your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of the build! Want to see us make something? Let us know below!

• White/beige muslin fabric (or an old swaddle) (For the shirt)
• Brown Fabric (For the vest)
• A onesie/shirt that fits your child (for template)
• A onesie/shirt you’re okay with cutting up (for the snaps)
• Gray/silver fabric (For the sash)
• Thread

• Sewing Machine (or a needle and thread and a lot of patience!)
• Scissors
• Pins
• Marker

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8 thoughts on “Handmade Kids Renaissance Festival Pirate Costume

  1. If your fabric frays easily and it is synthetic you can put a sort of seal on it by running it close to a stove top flame. Plyester is plastic and the heat melts. Gues what? the plastic content will sort of seal the non–plastic content. It might be a little rough. Run a hot iron over it to flatten the melted plastic.

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