Handmade Jewelry vs Mass Produced

Handmade Jewelry vs Mass Produced

In this video jeweller Bobby White show you handmade jewelry vs mass produced by hand making a 2ct diamond engagement ring.

If you would like to know more about Bobby White jewellery you can visit his site here: www.bobbywhite.com

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37 thoughts on “Handmade Jewelry vs Mass Produced

  1. Hi!
    You are Great Crafter watched, very, very, interesting, I Joined your channel today 4/6/2019. Keep vidios comming. It's so beautiful what you desinged I Loved this vidio, God gave you a remarkable Gift Bless You, Wendy.

  2. Bobby White I love your work. I am 14 and my hobby is making things from metal. Every day I am 30 min or more on my workbench. My uncle is goldsmith and it is really nice their. I learned alot from him and your video’s.

  3. Subscribed, I’m a jewelry freak so your video gave me such pleasure! Beautiful work. You’re an artist!

  4. I love how u push that handmade is often better and why u should support good craftmanship👍 love it, subscribed.

  5. Fab video,loved the fact that every step is so precise,and at the end the most beautiful ring.

  6. So question, I had a ring completely customized and two toned with rose gold and white. The band is white gold and the halo is rose gold with white gold claw prongs. When they were making the ring they did not send the center stone with. Later after the ring was done they sent it to another jeweler to have the center stone and prongs put on. My question is, because how it was done will the main stone also become lose?

  7. Flippin great videos dude! I'm an amateur jewelry maker myself and I love watching and learning all the different techniques you have! Keep up the great work! <3

  8. My cousin was a real jeweler and I loved to see his work. No piece was alike. Thank you for continuing such a beautiful, yet dying craft.

  9. good video but I cannot understand a thing he says 😬 took half the video to realize he was saying Halo and not “aylo”

  10. Good Job wow mutch better than before but not to be nit picky or how you call it but @ 10:43 the diamond looks off center or is it the angel off the ring that make's it look that way ?

  11. what i absolutely love about this ring, is that it doesn't cover up the point of the stone at the bottom. so gorgeous and such a statement. I adore your work.

  12. Im all for fit and finish, but if could get a 3.25ct VVS2 mass produced for the same as a 1.25ct VVS1 hand-made ring… i would have to go with the size. Though the ring plays a big role – that center stone is more of the main show especially when you get into the lower income bracket of the middle class compared to the high-end and celeb market. Overall its an awsome ring, just wonder the cost of that cover a similar material mass-produced ring from Sterling jewelers like at Kay or one of those chains that gets though sterling.

  13. This is beautiful. I bought a mass produced ring and the metal is only 14k as well. I’d love for you to handmake me one.

  14. I love when U use the gold solder…it just magically fills in the space…again, I thoroughly enjoy watching u…thank u sir…are u using Apple pro for ur sound bytes? This one is a good selection…ur craft an ship deserves eternal sounding mucus bc sir what u do seems like magic…but I know it is pure talent and hard work…if I could afford u we would definitely get together…but since I can’t, I will just have to b satisfied watching u create beautiful art work…

  15. Beautiful work! And your workspace always looks immaculately organized and that is very calming

    Clarification question: why did you use four prongs to secure the 2 carat diamond? Is it already very secure due to the halo setting? Why four and not six? If you have the time to answer, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you for the video and your hard work

  16. I think this one is my favorite video out of the rest of your videos. I like how you broke down each step. Do you see how to video in your future?

  17. What mass production can't achieve is the small details that machine can't reach into small areas where a hand can reach into creating intricate complex design, and when you cut into it you can see the skeleton foundation stuctures a 3d printer cannot achieve that.

  18. Great work Bobby! I love seeing these sort of videos. How long did it take to make that ring?

  19. What is that tool that you use at 2:45 to make the bezel round? It vaguely looks like a dapping tool, but it’s not…I want one for my bench. 😸 Thank you for all the expertise you share! Do you have any pieces at the watch and jewelry show in Basel?

  20. This is awesome! Great craftsmanship! I hope my future husband finds out about you ❤️😅

  21. Your talent and technique are an obvious thrill to watch. But I really appreciate seeing how every move is done with precision and purpose, nothing is wasted. All your videos provide such good mentoring and professionalism. Thank you and keep it going.

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