Handmade Jewellery Making Design Pendant Temprell

Handmade Jewellery Making Design Pendant Temprell

Commissioned handmade pendant in silver, 22.60ct blue topaz. This unique & individual piece was inspired by our customer & finely crafted by TEMPRELL to her specific requirements. Any piece of jewellery can be repaired, re-modelled, handmade or designed on CAD. All work is carried out on the premises by our team of jewellery professionals. Please search TEMPRELL to see us on facebook.

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Temprell Nottingham

26 thoughts on “Handmade Jewellery Making Design Pendant Temprell

  1. Beautiful piece of moonstone jewelry. Thank you for sharing this video.

  2. Ciekawe ile zajmuje ręczne wykonanie czegoś takiego? Nie wiem czy to było robione na prezent, czy na sprzedaż, ale jeśli to pierwsze, to ciekawe, czy się spodobał 😉

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