Handmade House TV #30  "How to Build a Log Cabin"

Handmade House TV #30 "How to Build a Log Cabin"

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26 thoughts on “Handmade House TV #30 "How to Build a Log Cabin"

  1. I built a shed with these plans from Ryan [Check Details Here⇒>deam.design/6fe1 ]. The instructions were clear and easy to implement. Even a novice can be able to build fast using this plan. I'm happy I bought the plan. It also saved me much cost

  2. ”pepe amazing plan” ( t.co/FEbC8BvJ26 ), is definitely a comprehensive plans book! By making use of this plan, I had been able to utilize words, drawings, real pictures and various diagrams. It`s really an informative product. I`m currently creating furniture along with my sibling and thanks to this product, I feel like helping him is possible.

  3. The cabins on here look nice, but I do not care for such wide gaps between the logs. The less chinking necessary the better. My favorite style is when they use a chainsaw to match the log faces together and don’t use any chinking, at least not visible from the outside.


  5. Wonderful! How fun it will be to build my own cottage! Thank you Noah for teaching this 👏😃

  6. Thank you Ryan, I am happy to purchase your shed plan [Check Details Here⇒>https://t.co/byOcxJksyb ]. It has saved from being frustrated, something I always encounter with other plans in the past. I just love the easy step-by-step method you use.

  7. This British guy would love to build a cabin like these to live in here in America, would anyone like to help me I don't have the skills to build it myself????

  8. Alot of waste wood with this type of hewn construction. It also takes some muscles or etc to hoist these logs around.You better off with stud built. You can do that with one person.

  9. hi mr noah.im interested how you made the logs between choke and roof.sorry my english is not too good

  10. do you have trouble with the chinking cracking and breaking loose with that wide a chinking space???

  11. My wife and I are subscribed and we are loving all your videos. Both my grand father and father built their family homes themselves. We are motivated to do the same! Thank you so much for the time you're putting into these videos, we are learning lots!

  12. Nice video!Quick question: how do you tie the first beam to the foundation? Do you insert  bolts in the foundation ?

  13. hi noah ! love the clips , and really quite informative , I have a question ,, we are thinking of hewing logs for a hewed log home in the future,, we thought of hewing two sides and letting them dry for a couple years in our pole barn to let them shrink some ,, but if we hew two sides there is still some remaining sap wood on the log ,, we understand the longevity of a log that is all heart wood ,, does the sap wood on the log being on the "top and bottom" of the log mean it can stay there ok or should some of it be removed?? ,, were thinking of using norway spruce as it is the most abundant here in upstate ny,, Any thoughts would be appreciated ,, thanks mike and lynniece {lynniececoughlin@yahoo.com}

  14. This will likely be a stupid question but….. why do you leave such a large space between the logs to be chinked ??? I mean it looks nice but it seems like the chinked area should be as small as possible. Thank you. Anyone ???

  15. you have lost some weight? should we be worried? I'm quickly getting my ducks in a row, and gonna make the jump into building my hand made house. See you next week!

  16. SMILES at your building a log cabin in a few minutes. If only it were that easy! LOL. Great video. Thank you for sharing.

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