handmade gold ring set emerald

handmade gold ring set emerald

handmade gold ring set emerald.
Anello realizzato a mano da Scaffardi Alberto per la “Bettini e Contardo”- Parma -Italy

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39 thoughts on “handmade gold ring set emerald

  1. Nice to watch the ring get made, but some narration regarding the steps (and the why's) would make the video less tedious to watch. Sure, many of us who understand working with precious metals understand the steps, but for a video, total silence is monotonous – and for people who are simply watching for curiosity, having the explanation would help them understand what they are seeing.

  2. Honourable sirNamasteI see your practice & heart workBy heartly & soul I accept u a teacher, I learn many things tricks by your video, can u accept me your student

  3. What Skill They Have ,At This Moment They Are Making Me A 1oz Wedding Ring ,I Hope I Can See It Being Made ,Brilliant Work ,Thank You Morris Bywater Of Sheffield.

  4. What would be a ballpark price to have you make a ring like this for me?
    You are a master of this art!

  5. This video has really inspired me. I am taking my second class in making jewelry and I want to attempt something similiar in silver with a semi precious stone.

  6. excause me scaffoal i.would love if u could make me a ring can we get together and talk about designs

  7. hola mi nombre es Wilmar Montalvo desde Medellin colombia, me gustaría seguirte por tus diseños y conocimiento, mi correo es atalaya.escudero@gmail.com

  8. DUDE! your gifted.. It's jimmy again..OH I'M SO BUMMED.. I BROKE THE ENTIRE CORNER FROM A 2.5 TRILLION CUT CITRINE… BEAUTIFUL DEEP AMB….needless to say the ring and setting are now filled with turquoise cabochons….lol

  9. Two questions please. There was a waxy substance being melted and forced up into the underside of the ring. What does this do? Second, it didn't look like the setting was compressed to hold the emerald in, was there some adhesive or cement?

  10. Good morning I have A question about all the materials and the press you used to flatten the gold; What are all the tools, materials and machines used to make the ring in the YouTube recording for the Emerald Gold Ring

  11. I have a request yo make a wedding set for myself and my fiance I have the drawings and would love to get in touch with you I understand if you don't want to put hope info on my so I'll put mine mutt email is austin.jene.thrasher71@Gmail.com

  12. Did you use all hard solder on this? or did you use any medium or easy? I'm actually trying a similar technique of making the undercarriage of the ring and I'm having some trouble with pits and seams forming. Much respect to you though, you have obviously been doing this a very long time. I really hope I can be that good someday.

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