Handmade Christmas tree

Handmade Christmas tree

Today we’ll show you how to make a handmade Christmas tree. It’s an easy handmade Christmas present, but it looks really impressive! This tree is one of the most wonderful handmade Christmas gift ideas for your friends and relatives. DIY Christmas presents are much better than presents bought in shops, so don’t waste your time for surfing in the Internet shops, watch on the video how to make creative Christmas presents.

Here is the list of things you need to make this Christmas tree:
1. tinsel
2. cardboard
3. Christmas tree decorations
4. flowerpot
5. bentonite or gypsum or clay
6. paper
7. artificial snow
8. hyssing (hard thread)
9. wooden sticks
10. glue
11. scissors
12. pen or pencil
13. tape
14. water

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