Handmade Card Organization

Handmade Card Organization

Shows organization of handmade cards, envelopes, and mailing supplies. Also shares favorite envelopes.
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These are the main supplies used. Affiliate links may be used at no cost to you. For additional sources and other supplies, visit my blog: http://jmink.me/2aD6pjK

• InterDesign Fridge Binz —— http://goo.gl/2bMNfX
• InterDesign Fridge Binz —— http://goo.gl/UQSncp
• Gina K Envelopes —— http://goo.gl/X4sw3l
• Hero Arts Envelopes —— http://goo.gl/iI7MMj
• Hero Arts Envelopes —— http://goo.gl/4gGO7E
• Hero Arts Envelopes —— http://goo.gl/PP8VOD
• Cards and Pockets Envelopes —— http://goo.gl/06l8q1
• Memory Box Envelopes —— http://goo.gl/IgIzJr
• Avery Elle Vellum Envelopes —— http://goo.gl/ScMaQl
• Avery Elle Vellum Envelopes —— http://goo.gl/XaYayQ
• Wood Envelopes —— http://goo.gl/NA8HUv
• Hero Arts Krafts Cards and Envelopes —— http://goo.gl/8yK6gK
• Hero Arts Krafts Cards and Envelopes —— http://goo.gl/abbgM0
• Hero Arts Krafts Cards and Envelopes —— http://goo.gl/JsYC0s
• Similiar Pouch for Mailing Supplies —— http://goo.gl/rUY4FD
• Self Address Stickers —— http://goo.gl/cSjDpz
• Mail Padding —— http://goo.gl/gwl4pz
• SSS Share Post Its —— http://goo.gl/SVWO9P
• Bossy Joscie Personalized Stamps —— http://goo.gl/YQO7YR
• Glitter Washi Tapes —— http://goo.gl/vUsN42
• Clear Card Sleeves (100) —— http://goo.gl/XDyBqE
• Clear Card Sleeves (10) —— http://goo.gl/ZtLNj6
• Label Maker —— http://goo.gl/29pBmg
• Corner Chomper (1/4 and 1/2) —— http://goo.gl/MYU26z
• Yellow Plastic Folders for Dividers —— http://goo.gl/fpUiUc
• Teal Plastic Folders for Dividers —— http://goo.gl/q5fJr9

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Here are the videos mentioned in the end of the video:

Stamp Organization:

Crafty Organization:


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Jennifer McGuire Ink

39 thoughts on “Handmade Card Organization

  1. I order from cards and pockets all the time, and had that problem as well. I usually had to buy several shades of white at once and trying to figure out which is which can get confusing. So I ordered their swatch decks (like a deck of business cards) and I keep them in business card binder sheets for easy access. Each swatch card has handy info on it, like the color name, paper weight, if they are printer-friendly and if they carry matching envelopes. Since then, I’ve made similar swatch binders of my Neenah, bazzill and stardream papers. I label those with return address stickers.

  2. Wow Wow Wow. Bravo for your organisation and thank you for sharing all these tips and informations. Foxy was simply watching his mistress and he was making certain your cards were safe lol

  3. I love the idea of putting the cards in clear sleeves. If you use washi on the outside instead of sealing them, you'd be able to use it again after you send that card. I know how those sleeves get ruined when trying to open and reuse them. =)

  4. 💖👍 Excelente sistema !!
    💗😂🐕😂💗 Me divertí mucho con tu perrita!!! Jajajajaja Mi perrita también se llama 🐩 Foxy!!

  5. Sooo my favourite crafter like EVER, when are you coming to my house to organize my studio. I can fit you in anytime you are over this way.. Donna from Down Under..

  6. Hi Jennifer, is that an hungarian viszla you have? I have one and she's very like yours, great choice of doggie xx

  7. I love the increasing level of participation by Foxy .. first, just a quick in and out appearance .. then, a linger a bit longer, sniff the drawer .. and, eventually an "if I run back and forth with my toy, will you stop filming and just play with me?!" LOL

  8. GUYS I WANT TO GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO JENIFER MCGUIRE INK she is helping foces on my card my card making so much

  9. Jennifer, I loved your video and your furbaby was an extra bonus that made me laugh, especially when he/she was running back and forth over the rug and when helping you in the drawers.

  10. Thank you for all your organization videos! I'm just starting again with paper crafts, and it's driving me crazy having stuff everywhere! I took notes and am looking to see how I can incorporate some of these techniques. Thank you, again!

  11. You are the ultimate organizer! You always share the best ideas (I'm sure it's due to lots of practice….. lol) I really appreciate your tips – I'm trying very hard to get organized myself. Thank You Sooooooo Much!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing Jennifer. I really love this way of organizing. I was just wondering if you stamp the back of your cards that you send out with something like: "handmade by Jennifer"? I like the idea of putting the sticky inside saying to pass along. Thanks again for everything you do! I really appreciate you! Hugs!! Cherie

  13. Hi Jennifer..I would love to get the clear sleeves can you please tell me what size works best with 5×7 cards?

  14. Hi, the links on your blog: (My dividers are made from cut-up plastic folders, with a label (I love the new model of my label maker!) and rounded corners.) Don't work.

  15. Loving this! Thanks for the link to the sleeves, definitely need those! Many of my cards have gotten ruined 🙁

  16. Jennifer, can you tell me what color and brand of the white envelopes you use with the neenah solar white cardstock? Thanks

  17. I was ordering Gina K Envelopes and Paper to match, but they don't have all the colors of envelopes listed. Is there another place I can order them?

  18. I love the idea of coordinating the stamps you use to match the envelopes! Such a nice added touch! 🙂

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