Handmade Aluminum Widebody BMW E46 | Inside Cutworm Specialties

Handmade Aluminum Widebody BMW E46 | Inside Cutworm Specialties

Custom handmade aluminum widebody for a BMW E46. Jeb from Cutworm Specialties custom metal shapes a widebody out of raw aluminum for a BMW E46. We were able to document all the custom metal fabrication involved on the project for your viewing pleasure.
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24 thoughts on “Handmade Aluminum Widebody BMW E46 | Inside Cutworm Specialties

  1. Not a fan(just dont like how it looks to me), but damn good work there and you are very skilled my friend! Good video and good job !

  2. Thank you for this video. It motivates me to make my own widebody kit. But in the same time i kinda want to go with the pre-built.

  3. wow!! I'm thoroughly impressed. good workmanship. would love to work with you on a project sometime

  4. great work any finished pics of it? and how much would it cost to get a widebody made for a 1995 e34 540 m5!

  5. Бляяя чувак у тебя руки зи нужного места растут!красава)

  6. amazing craftmanship mate only went on to your site to see about -an fitting for my 08 350z hr P/S system im building. ended up watched all your vids and subscribing to your channel. fantastic work.ever thought about doing a P/S kits for cars u could weld up some sweet P/S reservoir put in some fittings and lines so ppl could put them together them selfs you could evan do custom reservoirs for peeps. drifting is hell on P/S systems and haveing a custom kit made would be sick. any way keep up the good work your grandad would be proud.

  7. Ive been a sheet metal mech and cnc machinist for years…You guys did a great job, first time I've ever seen clecos used on a car (nice)..

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