Hand Made Viking Drinking Horn

Hand Made Viking Drinking Horn

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Read the Description!!! 😀 😛
Big thank to my friend Mihael, who helped me with drinking :DDD

Be sure to use Food Safe glue and finish on the horn!

I know how to drink from the horn, but I wanted to get better shot with the camera, and also it looks more barbaric with the tip to the sky 😀

This is an easy alternative to make your own drinking horn, if you cannot buy/get one (like me) :/

The horn is made out of wood shavings and towel paper and can hold 1 L of beverage, which is tested, be sure to use a lot of layers (5 or more) to get strong structure 😉

Music was recorded by me 😀 I hope you like it :3

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42 thoughts on “Hand Made Viking Drinking Horn

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  2. Real awesome work here. What kind of paper did you use to glue for the remainder of the layers?

  3. There for a minute i thought you was going to drill out the piece of wood and make it into a horn lol.

  4. Why didn't you just get a horn, and finish it up? that'd be much simpler! Plus it'd be more authentic and, real! Interesting work though, Nicely done! 👍

  5. You should do a video on how you can do this with an actual cow horn. Great video nonetheless, nice workmanship

  6. Не побачив нічого грандіозного, такий ріг можна зробити за допомогою звичайної епоксидної смоли, побачивши орнамент спочатку подумав що він зроблений за допомогою гравіювання, а ні звичайна ручка, ахаха і ще така пафосна заставка як у man at arms

  7. There's a much simpler way of doing this. Shoot a bull for its meat and keep one or two of the horns. Shave out the inside and have fun.

  8. I am very well, I liked a lot, what you put on is paper or bandages ?? so that of that finish, because I try it with paper but I do not stay the same I hope and you can help me

  9. Hi i wanna make a swordholder for my belt. A long version 100 cm for my sword. You thinj with that i can make it ?

  10. This was a goofy fun neat video. I especially loved the music during the making of the horn. Was that Skyrim theme music? If so i will Sub!!! 😍

  11. Я правильно понимаю, что вы используете клей ПВА? И какое вы дерево использовали для стружки?:) Сосну?

  12. It's a great design and you have done a great job on it, but wouldn't the wax melt if you put something hot in it?

  13. You could have 3D printed it, made it out of clay and baked it or done basically any other way of sculpting a horn but yiu made it out of wood. You're a champ that stays true to himself and I like it.

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