Hand Made Solid Wood FingerBoard (FingerRails)

Hand Made Solid Wood FingerBoard (FingerRails)

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I started messing around with the idea of carving a fingerboard out of a solid piece of wood using a knife, but I cut my finger pretty bad, so I got out my Dremmel tool. The result was actually pretty nice, and I like it better than my Morningwood G2, so I’m going to be using my custom now. I had to improvise with the grip tape so I just superglued some sandpaper to it. Which works just as well. I highly suggest it if you don’t have any spare grip laying around.
The fingerboard mini ramp in the background is one that I made. I will be selling it through my company FingerRails soon. That and the stair set plus the 5 other rails. If I get good enough at making these guys, I’ll start selling them too.
And some of my stuff will be available soon through Hoax.

Song: Scorpio Rising
Band: Death In Vegas

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Alan Kirby

29 thoughts on “Hand Made Solid Wood FingerBoard (FingerRails)

  1. nice half pipe… check out my vids please i just started making movies id reely apreciate it if you looked at them 🙂 thanks

  2. i dont usually make negative comments but what the fuck??? whats the point i mean im sure there are more constructive things you could do that done include exercise!!!

  3. Wow
    im surprised at how good it came out,
    considering it was carved.
    Does making it from a single piece of wood make it stronger and not bendy?

  4. A little tip, afterp ut the grip on, smooth the wood into shape of the grip, that will make it perfect for ur fingers

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