Hand made Noodle basic 101

Hand made Noodle basic 101

Now you can make your own fresh noodle for your stir fry or soup noodle cooking. This is basic commercial recipe, but formulated for home made making. Next week video, will be how to make delicious braised beef drop flank with spicy noodle. Enjoy. Below are the list of ingredients. Again, thru the courtesy of Mr. Michael Taylor. Who, type the list in his comment section. So that we can conveniently COPY-PASTE-PRINT the same.
List of ingredients: ** created by HAPPY WOK **
16 oz. ———- all purpose flour
3/4 cup ——– water
1/2 tsp ——— carbonated solution (see video)
1 tsp ———— salt
as needed — corn starch (for dusting)
as needed — water (for boiling noodle)
NOTE: you may omit carbonated solution for non commercial use .
1 Tbsp ——– cooking oil

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17 thoughts on “Hand made Noodle basic 101

  1. Ottimo, quando li preparo io uso il bicarbonato tostato in forno, invece tu usi la soluzione. Negli ingredienti è scritto guarda video ma non lo trovo.mi puoi spiegare? Grazie.

  2. My heritage is Italian American, my mother taught me how to make hand made spaghetti when I was young… It's so simple quick and easy… and most of all delicious.. Better than anything you can buy… I'm glad you made this video to remind people how easy and simple it is to make hand made Biang Biang noodles.. Thank you Chef…

  3. Hello dear cook! This is again a very special and beautiful video. I am surprised that many of the starch does not turn it to stone. As always, thank you! L G Majo

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