Hand Made Garden Journals

Hand Made Garden Journals

These two handmade garden journals contain spaces for photographs and journaling, graph paper for sketches, envelopes and flaps for seeds, receipts or other items and notepaper for notes. One has a floral theme; the other has a grungy, rustic theme.

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June Campbell

24 thoughts on “Hand Made Garden Journals

  1. @GringoVlogs Thank you. How nice of you to say that. As for how long — I don't quite remember — two or three days, probably. Not working full time at it, of course.

  2. @NJGardengirl1961 Hello and thanks for commenting. I think a professional gardener needs a hand made garden journal!

  3. I never thought of doing a garden journal – and I am a professional gardener!!! Very inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing. Sharon 😀

  4. Thank you This was one of my favorite projects, possibly because I had never seen a garden journal and had to learn everything from scratch.

  5. Already again such a fabulous video! Thank you for sharing your lovely ideas and gorgeous little works of art! I have waited in suspense!

  6. I love your work……. wish I had a friend that liked scrapbooking also… it would be nice to get such wonderful gifts that someone spent so much time making. We understand what goes into the making of such things:) I watched the album you made for a young boy also…… you are so sweet. TFS!

  7. Thank you 🙂 yes i will. Im hoping i can finish it on time and come up with enough page ideas to get it done

  8. Thats a wonderful idea! im excited to try it now only to come up with the ideas for all the pages!

  9. Thank you! And congratulations on your baby. How exciting. I can appreciate how tired you must be – but the book you have in mind would certainly be a wonderful keepsake. You could add little shaker boxes to hold items such as a lock of hair, etc.

  10. These are absolutly beautiful! i would love to make one similar to have to document the birth of our son in febuary i think that would be an amazing way to keep the memories from the hospital and his first few days of life. Now to only find the energy to do it 🙂 lately just putting my socks on makes me tired but hopefully i can make one because these are so creative and beautiful! you did a very nice job on them.

  11. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Actually, the garden tools idea came from a book, Scrappin' With Wire by Design Originals Can Do Crafts by Julianna Hudgins. Maybe Santa will bring you a Bind It All

  12. Thank you!. Actually, I asked my crafting group for suggestions as to content. I am not a gardener myself and wasn't too sure what to include.

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