FARHAT – IL PRINCIPE DEL DESERTO | Episodio 16 Completo | Italiano

FARHAT – IL PRINCIPE DEL DESERTO | Episodio 16 Completo | Italiano

Farhat, cartone animato per bambini | The young prince Farhat returns to the Emirates after having studied at Oxford. Here he is joyously reunited with his faithful butler, Ben, his playful and spiteful shadow, his sweet mother Dolunai and his royal father, D’Emir Yassir. D’ Emir is dealing with the perfidious Rashid, president of the company Petroglobe, who intends to drill for oil in a prohibited part of the desert where the magic crystal known as the Shariman was kept during ancient times, apparently thought to be lost for good, thanks to the diabolical demon Egokhan. Canale fantastico pieno di cartoni magici. Animazione da tutto il mondo, migliaia di episodi, avventure infinite! Dai un’occhiata alle nostre playlist, iscriviti e divertiti!
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