Erik the Viking

Erik the Viking

Ever since he accidentally killed a girl he was just getting to like, Erik (Tim Robbins) has been moody. Fed up with the emptiness of life in the Dark Ages, he leads a quest to wake the gods and bring back the sun… and the girl, if she’ll have him. But along the way, Erik will have to face formidable obstacles, including a dragon with hay fever, tone-deaf islanders who love to sing, and a warlord (John Cleese) who likes his Ages dark and nasty!

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32 thoughts on “Erik the Viking

  1. The Island of High Brazil, I loved "the band": "Sadly we're just not a musical nation.."eeeeaaahhhh..hahahahh Terry Jones is BRILLIANT! Tim McInnerny as the "Jr. Berserker" from the Black Adder..the list goes movie ever.

  2. Made in 1989.
    Like most movies over the past 3 decades: most men depicted as evil & stupid, while women are depicted as good & smart. But the feminists complain because women aren't title characters exactly 50% of the time.

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