Dragon handmade 18KT gold ring

Dragon handmade 18KT gold ring

Dragon handmade 18KT gold ring. I apologize for the length of the film, it was a demanding job with many steps, but in the end still achievable even in a handmade way. all the songs of the soundtrack are taken from the free youtube library, and the names are listed at the end.

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45 thoughts on “Dragon handmade 18KT gold ring

  1. Gawd!! Ugliest ring I've ever seen… But the craftmanship…… Ah…. That's an entirely different matter.

  2. понравилось кольцо ,только смущает большое количество "морщин " на лице.

  3. Es algo bello! Disculpa que no digas mas de esa creación, pero no se que desir de algo de esa calidad !!

  4. Thank you youtub for recommending me this I won't have spot it. Amazing job video like this is hard to come by.

  5. I am fascinated and amazed at the master craftsmanship I see employed by ppl such as yourself. I am an amateur using a myriad techniques making chain mail jewelry…I do use silver a lot but wish I had a life to do over agin and apprentice as a jeweler and work until I too was a master craftsman. Beautiful work beautiful!

  6. You have immense talent and patience. Your work is amazing.
    But I had to wonder on such a large piece why there was no under gallery?

  7. man your work is awesome if I gave you a picture of my son do you think you can make me a train somebody murdered my son in 2018 and it would mean the world to me give you whatever money you want for it?😥😇🙏

  8. Once again, a magnificent work ! And, as a dragon collector (any size, any material), I wish I could have this one in ma collection, but I suspect I'm not weallthy enough. What is the price of a such delicate piece of jewelry ?
    By the way, I have a question : do you harvest back all the file dust or scrap bits of gold or can I search your trash ? 😀
    And I'm always amazed by the capillarity welding trick 😉 !

  9. I have recovered an old 18kt plated gold ring that belonged to my grandfather, it is in rough shape. What do you recommend I do to improve it and where should I go for possible touch ups?

  10. i just wonder…all that powder from filing and cutting….do you colect and re-use it no?:)

  11. Congratulations for your amazing work! Fantastic!
    You do the welding with gold?! How do you shop those tiny pieces?

  12. Somente para os fortes, muito suor, sangue, dedicação e perfeccionismo 👏👏👏👏👏 Super Like👍

  13. again i see it but i dont believe it …. how is something so intricate and beautiful was made with human hands…. its easy to think about creating something like this but its another thing actually attempt to do it.

  14. Это просто шикарно очень красивые работы они потрясающие

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