DIY – How to Make: Doll Room in a Box: Designer Doll Room – Handmade – Crafts

by request: No Scrapbook Paper? … NO PROBLEM! Make your dolls this Fabsome Designer Doll Room Today!- Handmade – Crafts

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23 thoughts on “DIY – How to Make: Doll Room in a Box: Designer Doll Room – Handmade – Crafts”

  1. I love your videos, and creativity. My ONLY, hopefully constructive comment, as a listener, is: work on your narrative tone as a whole. It sounds to me that you record each section, and put it all together when describing actions your taking, it's like this repetative set of tones up and down over and over, but I would like for you to sound more like we are having a conversation. You could still record each section separately for perfection, but listen to it as a whole, and if you hear what I hear, this up and down pitch/tone, I dunno if I'm using the correct verbiage… but I feel like I'm on a roller coaster of words. I guess I cant really explain to you what I mean without sound of my own as an example… Sorry if I came off as rude, I was just trying to help. I still love your videos, and if I find a narrator using the way of speaking that I mean, I will send you a link so you can tell the difference. Again… great ideas, and my little girl will love making stuff like yours with me.

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