DIY Handmade cardboard jewelry | Cardboard box

DIY Handmade cardboard jewelry | Cardboard box

In this video I will show you how to make jewelry box with my own hands. I will use cardboard, paper glue and other improvised materials.
Hope you enjoy this wonderful idea!

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For the basis used corrugated cardboard.
First I made the main part and measured the diameter of the future cover on the finished one.
I pasted everything with paper napkins.
I used PVA glue.
Let it dry.
Top covered with acrylic paint.
Pattern printed on a napkin attached to sheet A4.
You can use any printer.
I glued a napkin to the box with PVA glue.
Let it dry.
Painted with acrylic paint.
Additionally circled the contours of the drawing with a black pen.
Coated everything with acrylic varnish.

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20 thoughts on “DIY Handmade cardboard jewelry | Cardboard box

  1. Хорошая шкатулочка и никаких излишеств, типа тесёмок, бусин, ленточек.
    Только цвет чёрный некстати. ) Моё мнение, конечно.)

  2. Первая работа ваша,которая мне не понравилась. Очень простая и вид небрежный. Простите

  3. Me encanta todo lo qué haces, se ve que le das especial importancia a los detalles, gracias, podrías hacer lámpara de techo moderna? Gracias

  4. Yet another Awesome Craft Work, Thank You!!! Great Fan of Yours Respected Dear Ma'am, Wishing the Blissful Awesome Blessings of The New Year and Ahead, Stay Blessed

  5. Nice box, from scratch – no less!
    Cool packaging idea. ❤️
    I'm making Christmas ornaments (for next year) from recycled paper and cardboard. I like this idea for packaging (for more than 1 ornament). 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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