DIY Boho Jewellery//How To Make//Hand Made Jewellery// Useful & Easy

DIY Boho Jewellery//How To Make//Hand Made Jewellery// Useful & Easy

DIY Boho Jewellery//How To Make//Hand Made Jewellery// Useful & Easy

hi viewers today i have shared in this video how to make beautiful and chunky Bohemian style designer hand printed earrings at home this is an amezing trendy boho-chic jewellery making easy and step by step tutorial every one can make this i make this ganesha design jewellery for coming ganesh chaturthi festival so i hope you love this design and make your own customise earring at home

📌 Meterials are:
card bord
mini pom pom lace
cowrie shell
pearl bead (8mm)
red beads (8mm)
silver charms
ear hook
jump ring
acrylic colours
painting brush

all meterials are available in onlines or any crafts store

what is Boho jewellery or bohemian jewellery?

Bohemian Jewelry is one of the hottest fashion trends people who live unconventional and looks bold,unique, love bohemian style jewelleries. actually this style represents a relaxed, natural and peaceful life, with connections to the earth and the universe.unique fashion styles. With unusual combinations of simple materials and bold use of natural elements, this environmentally-conscious jewelry makes a true fashion statement.oho jewelries are bacially made of feathers, shells, stones, fabrics, polished wood pieces,leather,multicoloured beads,etc.

today i cover in this video……
1: how to make hand made jewellery at home
2: boho jewellery making easy tutorial
3: how to make boho jewellery at home
4: handmade jewellery making ideas
6: hand painted earrings making bohemian style
7: fabric jewellery making easy tutorial
8: boho earrings tutorial ganesha jewellery design
9: how to make gypsy jewellery at home
10: cowrie shell earring making kodi jewellery

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