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Thanks so much for watching today! Since most of you know, I don’t like lavender, so, I decided to try a few different blends and boy oh boy am I pleasantly surprised by how fookin awesome it smells. The soap didn’t turn out too bad either.

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  1. You were genius to use an ITP swirl for that with the purples swirled separately. It really is pretty! Lavender isn't one of those that appeals to me, but this is pretty enough to overcome that.

  2. Kenny, every time I watch one of your videos I always think “what is she doin??!!” and always amazed that the soap is more beautiful than most I see! Glad to see you’re back to videoing your masterpieces!

  3. I know what you mean with the end note of lavender and pine. It is the camphor that we are reacting to, and it really depends on the oil as to how much it has in it. I love vetiver essential oil and it would blend to soften that sharpness. Great choice and love the swirl!

  4. Beautiful as always. With the salt on the top do you find it melts. I made salt bars and they had beads of water on them 😬

  5. I can't stand lavender either but my family was requesting a lavender soap I couldn't bring myself to make just a lavender soap so I used lavender sage and it is super amazing too.

  6. Other than my OG favourite rose jam ..I found a new lavender almond blend and oh my starts obsessed ..I don’t know if it’s my age or what because I disliked any thing smelling like rose or lavender but they are coming up with so nice combos Orr I’m just getting old lol

  7. Everytime I watch you I get tickled! You talk yourself in and out of doing things all the time. I do the same with creating jewelry!! Love it! Beautiful soap!!

  8. What a beautiful bar! Love it! Great to hear you're back at work, you tried not to let on but I knew it was worrying you. 🐇🐣🌹🌷

  9. I’m the same way with rose scents. Put it in a blend and I can tolerate it. Stunning bars my dear.

  10. I don't like lavender buds on or in my soap – and I love lavender! Essential oil though. I haven't found a lavender FO I really liked besides Manuka Lavender from Essential Bath & Body. Try it, I think you'll be pleased.

    P. S. Love the ash!! Sometimes it just works.

  11. I'm not really a lover of lavender,but I made a lavender and lemon diffuser and melts and that fragrance is so beautiful I will have to make a soap with it too.
    This is such a pretty soap

  12. I think you just haven't found the right lavender yet. Another great blend though is lavender and peppermint in a 2 to 1 ratio(lavender being the 2). I use that blend in my cbd cream(mostly for the "health" properties they provide), but the fragrance is subtle and not overwhelming on either.

  13. I think you should try making a beach wood Birdie bird soap, it might be really adorable.

  14. Girl. I am not a lavender fan either. I have a customer that wants everything lavender. There is a French lavender & honey type that I actually like hahaaa

  15. Oh my gosh, that is a gorgeous soap!!😍😍 I am in love with those colors! The swirls turned out amazing too!! I feel the same way, I used to think I loved the smell of lavender! I would smell all the room sprays and pillow mists and think that it was just such a beautiful smell. But then we started soaping… Lol! We’ve used essential oils in our home for years, but I never remember it being that potent. One of the first soaps my mom and I made was a lavender and oatmeal soap. My mom and I literally had to run to the bathroom multiple times and almost get sick! It’s very powerful stuff! But what was so sad was we went through all of that and then several weeks later you could hardly smell it in the soap. How do you get it to stay so well in the soap? We did try kaolin clay. And everyone loves lavender. So I guess will have to make another one… But I think next time we’re going to use fragrance oil🤣🤣

  16. I know you’re not a lavender fan but I love it lol the colours you chose for this batch is perfect for the fragrance awesome like you. Thanks Kenny.

  17. A sample of this came with my order and it smells amazing!!! Love it, will be purchasing a bar. Lathers well, silky…scent stays a bit after washing your hands I kept saying what is that smell that smells good i then realized it was my hands lol

  18. Good afternoon beautiful! I feel the same way about lavender. I loved it until I started soaping. I can only handle it in mixes now. Oh I don't like Pine either. Oh I love what that blue did for this soap! Gorgeous!

  19. You’ve done it again the colors go well together and I like how the top turned out, I share your feelings about lavender it has an aggressive odor thanks for posting I enjoy your videos

  20. Hi hun. What a lovely combination of colours and that is one artistic swirl. Not a lavender lover as had to holiday as a child right next door to the Norfolk lavender fields, still it was better than the standard poodle farm we went to earlier I suppose. Man those dogs were crazy. Fu nny how a scent kicks in memories you thought were gone. Sending love. X x x

  21. Hi Kenny, you can mix some essential oils of lavender and lemongrass, equal portions. It gives it a nice sweetness that takes a little of the floral woodiness away from the lavender.. The colors are perfect.

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