Cement Tile Shop – Handmade Production Process

Cement Tile Shop – Handmade Production Process

This video details the beautiful handmade process of making Cement Tile Shop cement tiles. All of our tiles are manufactured using techniques and skills passed on through generations. Cement Tile Shop tiles are not painted but made using white cement, powdered white marble and natural colorants in a metal mold. Our cement tiles are hydraulically pressed, not fired in an oven, and use no manufacturing waste.

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  2. I know this is a Mexican doing this tiles. You may asked why how do you know??? My answer is on the music i hear it all the damm time in the quincialleras fiesta 🥳 wend i was a kid. But good work on that tile your era a artist.

  3. bhaiya tiles banane ke liye kaun kaun cheez ka jarurat Pade8720993992 yeh mera phone number

  4. production that can be taught @ prisons, rehabilitation facilities, mental facilities…REALLY!

  5. Hello I'm from Morocco
    I have 10 years experience in traditional tile industry. Can I work in your company. Contact me Thank you

  6. I want cement tiles molds..
    Please anyone contact me..?

  7. Dear i like your work very much… plz tell me the name if oil you use on base plate.. and how much ton hydraulic press is used. Thank you.

  8. can u help in setting a unit in india.if possible then please do mail me on mihircera@gmail.com

  9. Gostaria de saber qual os componentes desta tinta
    Se alguém souber desde já eu agradeço

  10. Что используете в качестве разделительной смазки какое масло ?

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