Bringing Handmade Back to America

Bringing Handmade Back to America

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Lotuff Leather creates handcrafted leather goods with their team of twenty two employees. One of their most complicated bags, the Triumph Briefcase, requires a multitude of skill sets to create; from leather working, to painting, to hand-stitching.

Video by Jordan Oplinger and Alan Jeffries

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30 thoughts on “Bringing Handmade Back to America

  1. I really like the glasses she was wearing at 0:22, could anyone tell me what they are so I can possible find them for myself!!! They look to me like just super awesome safety goggles! Let me know if you know what they are!

  2. I love buying handmade, what gets to me is when people complain about the price of Handmade/Locally Made/Made in America products and they then complain when stores like Walmart close that sell Made in China products. If we as a society bought only Hand Made, Locally Made, or Made in America products our cities/towns economies would be more stable and the money would stay in the communities.

  3. The name "New England" is so outdated and should be changed. I would never buy anything made by New Englishmen.

  4. What I see here is small business ownership and capitalism at its best. Now I’d like to ask, how many of these young, educated artists voted the liberal agenda, wanting, no, demanding, socialism and for their student loans to evaporate? Keep voting for socialism, allowing Bernie and Liz and Nancy, etc. to be on the receiving end of wealth and the only one’s able to afford these lovely leather goods produced at this business.

  5. 1.- No one needs a bachelor's degree to do manual labor, which ultimately means you're paying for their bachelor's degree and not for the actual product.
    2.- If you use machines of any kind, you can't claim the items are hand made.

  6. Fucking Americans just switch to the metric system already trust me it’s better easier and more precise

  7. Having someone put care into something for you is nice, especially if it's as a gift. However buying commercial goods with extra man hours is more like ego where you want to feel like you deserve people's long hours of work. I would much rather buy something high quality made by a machine than high quality and sweat over by a worker.

  8. what a bullshit romanticizing of old ways to do things!! without this big mouthed seller lady, none of this bullshit is possible. The bags are not better. They are just sold and created as unique for rich people to boast about!!

  9. It's just beautiful to see someone work like that and pour their life into a product. I would never buy it, it's just illogical but emotionally it feels great.

  10. Just Beautiful! This video is very inspirational. Our brand has just started creating handbags and I’m learning all the steps your team has mastered. Thank you for the visual.

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