AWESOME MINI TRUCKS – Amazing Hand Made Mini Semi Trucks with Engine. part 2

AWESOME MINI TRUCKS – Amazing Hand Made Mini Semi Trucks with Engine. part 2

AWESOME MINI TRUCKS – Amazing Hand Made Mini Semi Trucks with Engine. part 2 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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47 thoughts on “AWESOME MINI TRUCKS – Amazing Hand Made Mini Semi Trucks with Engine. part 2

  1. A lot of time and love went into that dump cause i work on real stuff only i would have done different is a 4 cylinder diesel engine but for a mini its one of the nicest one i have seen

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  5. See how nice of a custom mini semi drug money can get you in Mexico. That dump truck is pretty amazing. He must have been high up in the organization to afford that custom build. Or he was taking a larger cut than he was supposed to. If the latter is the case, he and his entire family probably disappeared. Ok. Ok. Silly and perhaps a little racist sounding. And even insensitive. That is if the family did disappear. My partner is Latino so I am all about loving Latinos and their culture. I haven't met a culture or race I didn't like. A few countries I would never visit again.

    Anywhooters…. Cheers!

  6. I wanna know how the heck they made that Kenworth ?? The red and white one,,it's a perfect match ,,the fuel tanks the drive shaft the hood is absolutely perfect along with the fenders the straps on the fuel tanks ,,sorry I'm all over the place here lol…there all awesome that's forsure but that KW is my favorite,,then the red Mack dump truck!! thanks for all the awsome Truck's good job.

  7. О х у и т е л ь н о!!! Мир гномов!!! А у ментов такие машины есть???

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