This is kind of Antique American challenge Meat Chopper made of High carbon steel or Hard steel. It is a hand forged chopper. The handle was missing so i restored this into very fine and useful product.

I showed the whole procedure for restoring this chopper in this video.
o. The liquid i used to remove RUST was SULPHURIC ACID.
o. Crack was filled with Iron welding.
o. Forged it to put some beautiful textures on it.
o. I used sandpapers of different GRITS to make the blade on my Belt sander.
o. Brass casting was done for the HANDLE to look more enchanting.
o. Dark coloured wood was used for making handle.
o. For Hardening the blade i used my own handmade METAL MELTING FURNACE.
o. I used clear paint to shine the wooden handle and Brass was shined by special brass polish.


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41 thoughts on “Antique Handmade MEAT CHOPPER | RESTORATION

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  2. Bro, you are too nice at this for this to be your profession. You using hobby energy lol no one is this good at their job LoL 😆

  3. Why did u make those dents… is not lukin good….but I enjoyed the vdo…n delightful handles

  4. Gebial! Dan ganas de hacerlo jaja una pregunta, tenés alguna medida para la forja? Es decir, cómo sabes que ya está listo para el aceite?

  5. That has got to be the ultimate hand cutting edge for the user. That curled back sharp edge in front of the handle is a sure thing for a good cut.

  6. Swear these negitive comments are unnecessary and stupid, do it BETTER and post it on YouTube dang. Stop hating on someone else's creativity because it unnatural.

    Ps:I think the blade looks amazing, nice work.

  7. I know you’re getting lots of hate but I personally love the hammer “holes” you did through out the blade and overall just amazing job with the handle and I’d personally buy that thing any day

  8. damn, chill out people. he works hard to fo this dont be throwin shade so much. and personally, i like it when the handles have brass on 'em.

  9. why you hammered on it like a beast and make spots like bron, 😂😂 chicken pox, 😂😂

  10. i liked the way that it turned out but the lacker on the handle kills me lol. you guys should do an oil finish. it just looks so much better!

  11. So many 'restoration vids' consist of taking an angle grinder and removing an character the piece had and making it look new whereas this restores and enhances but leaves its 'history'. Excellent.

  12. Am i the only one watching this videos and counting the times i would have cut of my fingers, partially or fully, if i would do this work?

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