Ancient Handmade AirGUN RESTORATION

Ancient Handmade AirGUN RESTORATION

It is totally handmade even this hunting gun do not have too much pressure. when i opened the parts of this Rifle, the air pump inside the gun was stuck and the washer was broken of the pump. I faced a lot of challenges while restoring it and we can say this was the hardest restoration I’ve ever done.

Firstly the spring was not working too well maybe because of rust. Then the trigger area was totally damaged when i fixed that i came to know that the Air pump was not pushing the required Air to the barrel i used another washer that was fitting well inside the gun. Latter on i saw, there was a place of rubber washer for the air flow between the barrel and air pump, i made that washer myself after the fixation of that area, the Rifle started working That was the joyful moment for me.

The second challenge was to make the HANDLE.I bought a piece of wood i cut that piece into the handle shape the main and the hardest part was the fixing area between the handle and gun i used a auto drill bit machine for wood designing to make that fitting area.

After that Thirdly i faced the broken and useless Bolts xD. And i oiled the parts of gun then fitted that. All the setup was clear then i used accurate Aim slots. And the painting part was not too good but i did with my best so please don’t discourage me just tell my mistakes in comment box so i can learn more with your help.

Ancient Handmade AirGUN RESTORATION

After the complete Hard Work i restored the real ancient Rifle. It was really hard for me to restore it without perfect Tools But Your love and appreciation including LIKES & SUBSCRIBE encourages me to do something better and you can see i restored it into a new rifle with good pressure.

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44 thoughts on “Ancient Handmade AirGUN RESTORATION

  1. SORRY! Our previous video has been Demonetized by youtube so i am re-uploading this video again. I am still wonder why did youtube do that but the only words i can say are youtube just ruined our hardwork anyways I Love my every single Subscriber and we welcome our new Subscribers But badly some people don't like my projects but i do a lot of hard work for you good people with my best so please give a positive remark on this video i really did a lot of hard work just for you guys. And one thing more i have one more gun to restore but i ll restore that gun if you guys give me positive remarks and more then 50k likes. Please Checkout the Description.

  2. the best thing about this video is that you can hear what he’s doing (thank god he doesn’t add music to the video )

  3. This was so satisfying and the work you did was amazing! Thank you for your hard work!

  4. Looks like a Uta M27 air rifle, I don't think it's handmade.
    But cool video, nice result.

  5. That design kinda reminds me of a benjamin air rifle,Bravo for even finding this son of a relic,im also curious about how old it is

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