Amazing Skills Woodworking Extremely High Technical To Create Masterpiece Hand-Crafted, How To, DIY

Amazing Skills Woodworking Extremely High Technical To Create Masterpiece Hand-Crafted, How To, DIY

Amazing Skills Woodworking Extremely High Technical To Create Masterpiece Hand-Crafted, How To, DIY
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34 thoughts on “Amazing Skills Woodworking Extremely High Technical To Create Masterpiece Hand-Crafted, How To, DIY

  1. Stopped the video 45 seconds in. Really dude? This has to be a joke. How to kill yourself should be the title of the video. It’s the 21st century….welcome. A shitload of people learned lots of valuable lessons over the years. One of them being this isn’t the way you do woodworking. A sane carpenter would be wise to skip over this hatchet fest.

  2. I'm lucky enough to still have 9 1/2 fingers having been too hurried to bother lowering the GUARD sufficiently on a surface-planer. This video shows practice that would lead to you going home with less of you than started the day!

  3. These guys make 10,000 of these a year and not so much as a band-aid needed. Let's hear it from all the Joe Safeties out there. I'm not advocating to be unsafe, but some of you guys have to lighten up.

  4. Howdy, I simply need to thank you so much [ Check Details]! Your plan has spared me much cash for purchasing a pre-assembled pack from the nearby market. I am constantly astonished at the easy way the rules takes one through. An incredible item!

  5. Next time you want to buy something from China because it's cheap, just think of the risks some poor bugger as to take to make it this way.

  6. All this people don't have pride on what they do, because I notice that they don't even dust or clean whatever they do, they just stain over the dusty and dirty surfaces of what they make, and that's unethical. In other words, that's nasty and unprofessional. They also step on the finished surfaces of what they are making with their dirty shoes on, and lay their projects on the rough concrete floors. No wander I'v seen scratches and dents on their furniture.

  7. Parabéns pelo canal. Super like aí amigo. Inscrição like e sininho. Passa no meu canal e retribui. Seja fiel. Abraço.

  8. The problem with being familiar with your equipment, (here the saw), is that you can become over-familiar and this can lead to lack of concentration. Whilst I have no doubt he knows his stuff and has probably used the saw many times, he is an accident waiting to happen.

    My old woodwork teacher would never let us do what this chap is doing…..but then there is no woodworking or carpentry skills on show here…..just destruction of fine wood with power tools.

    Without going all Health & Safety Nazi nonsense on him here, he should be using a stick or 'push stick' to push the timber the final few inches on the table.

    A 'push stick' is anything used or specially made to push timber against a saw blade, be it circular, band or other.

    In this instance the stick could be easily made and would simply comprise a standard two prong fork. Thickness , size and type of wood to be determined…….and could easily be from scrap/ gash timber.

    Using a stick could mean the difference between injury or not, and in truth he might get through life with all his fingers and both hands and arms in one piece……BUT …the timber could be spoiled if it became blood splattered…..!

    James Hennighan
    Yorkshire, England

  9. Бесполезное использование дерева.я бы из этих брусков,сделал бы штук десять таких.

  10. How disappointing that they put octagonal top and bottom plates and put a square shaft – totally spoilt great workmanship

  11. I was only able to get through the first few minutes. It was like watching a horror movie and waiting for the blood to start flying! Good Lord man, do you really care that little about yourself? Family should take a large Insurance Policy out on you before its too late! Seriously, you scared me half to death…

  12. Maybe we're all wasting our time with our Lie Nielsen gizmos and our Festool junk. I'm going to throw out my dust collection crap too.

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