All About Rafters… Handmade House TV #88

All About Rafters… Handmade House TV #88

Forget Roof Trusses!
Bring on The Rafters!

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Handmade Houses with Noah Bradley

13 thoughts on “All About Rafters… Handmade House TV #88

  1. Noah, have you ever put a “living/green roof” on one of your cabins? If so, have you also done video about it that I missed?

  2. In Canada the inspectors won’t allow builders to use rafter construction, they want a engineered built truss, I build a small shed using rafters , 4/12 pitch, which I learned using utube

  3. Some day I hope to build a cabin that has corners like what you have here. The one I built is flat on flat, butt and pass, however what you do is true craftsmanship. If I ever build an early American style log cabin I will definitely be referring to your video's! ~Russ

  4. : – D LOL, thanks Noah. That's such a gorgeous "shed." More like a piece of furniture actually. Still can't believe it's made of black walnut!

  5. Handmade thats gonna be t e next project prior to my land deal wirh bluegrass team . when i start how many square foot would be needed to effectively have an open fire place

  6. I've seen nearly all of your videos, but I don't think you've described when you recommend using slabs instead of entire logs. What is the difference? Also would you choose a different style of corner joinery for either?

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