4×4 Notecards and Handmade Envelopes

4×4 Notecards and Handmade Envelopes

Link to my blog post about mixing up your stamps together: http://www.maymaymadeit.blogspot.com/2015/07/4×4-notecards-and-envelopes-and-using.html?m=1

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22 thoughts on “4×4 Notecards and Handmade Envelopes

  1. I just watched you make an awesome card set. Looked so easy. My question to u is this… do u sell everything you use to make your crafts??? Thanks fir a reply. Hugs martha

  2. thanks . spent so long trying to make a perfect 4 x4 envelope with my envelope punch board. I guess I'll have to do this on by hand. It works perfect but do you know what size i would use with my envelope maker

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